Adventure Trust

The West Lancashire Scouts Adventure Trust is a fund of money accumulated from when we ran a Mountain Leader training and assessment programme, and that have been ringfenced to support and promote the development of Adventure in West Lancashire Scouts.  The funds are limited, and are administered by Dick Griffiths (Deputy County Commissioner) assisted by Steve Williamson (ADC (Adventurous Activites Blackpool), Ray Hardman (County NightsAway Adviser) and Ray Fitzsimmons (AGSL 1st Ormskirk).  Applications and proposals are invited to support NGB Training of West Lancashire Leaders, and Adventurous Projects.

NGB Training of West Lancashire County Leaders

Support may be given of UP TO 50%.  There must be a significant pre-existing commitment to supporting the development of adventure, on a County-wide basis – not just within the Group or the Unit.  Any offer of a grant is conditional upon the recipient continuing to be a member of the West Lancashire Scout County for two years, and if the leader ceases to be a member within 2 years of the grant, then it will be repayable in full.

Adventurous Projects

Each application for support will be judged on its merits.  The project should be one that, in the opinion of the “Trustees”, contributes to the development of adventure amongst young people within the Scout County and the promotion of Scouting.  Any grants given are not designed to support ongoing or regular activities which are part of a “normal” Scouting programme (eg Snow & Ice, Crucially Cold, weekend trips away.  There must be a significant novelty element in the project and be media-worthy.

As funds are limited, and to enable them to last as long as possible, it will be unusual for grants to exceed a maximum of £150.

All applications should be made on the attached form that should be sent electronically to:

Adventure-Trust-GRANT-APPLICATIONS.doc (640 downloads)

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