The Scout County has established a Support Group to assist all adult volunteers across the County in working towards GDPR compliance. There are several ways you can get support and we advise doing the following:



Links to our “chunks” of information

We’re issuing guidance in easy to handle “chunks” and they will appear in our list below:

So, GDPR, we’re all getting e-mails to give consent to many different companies who want to “keep in touch” and we’re a bit worried that as Scouters, we may be a bit behind with all of this….or are we?

One thing is certain, for years, most people have been taking care of the data we use for Scouting and doing our best to “do the right thing”.
In that respect, we are well prepared for GDPR.

There also doesn’t appear to be a central plan or support for getting us into a place where we are 100% compliant. Indeed a lot of the words and explanations are a bit too techie and we are frightened of doing something wrong.

West Lancashire Scouts have pulled together a team of local Scouters with varying experiences and skills relating to GDPR and are now planning a programme of support to hold your hand and over the next few weeks, assist you in ensuring that you have no more fears about GDPR and that we are all in a good place as to what data we ask for and hold, how we store and use it and how we get rid of it when it is no longer required.

Before you rush off to shred everything “just in case”, STOP!

Keep calm and subscribe to our GDPR Support Group where, over the coming weeks we will help you follow a programme of bite-sized pieces of work to ensure that you, your Group and/or District comply with all aspects of GDPR.

To Subscribe, either update the details sent to you in an e-mail offering you the opportunity to update your settings or visit this link and tick the box about GDPR.

Please also join our Facebook Support Group: 

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