How to use this web site

Our new web site has a lot more functionality than our previous one so we thought we’d put this page together to explain how to use it fully.

Membership & Logging-in

If you have a role within West Lancs Scouts and therefore a membership number on Compass, then you have an account already set up on this site.
To sign-in, use either your name e.g. “Fred Bloggs” or your e-mail address and then click on the “Get New Password” link.

You will then be sent an e-mail with your new password (Quite a complex one) which you can change to anything you prefer to remember.
Clicking on the link in your e-mail will initialise the account and enable you to log-in to the site.

If you have a problem with this, check the e-mail isn’t going into any spam filters and also check you are using the correct e-mail address (The one listed in Compass).
Your account should already have your name, address, District, Section etc listed.
If any of these are incorrect, if you go to Compass to change them, they will automatically be updated here when we do our scheduled updates.

profileUpdate your Profile

Updating your profile will help people recognise you. Upload a profile and header picture to customise your account and it is in here you can view any messages, friend requests, notifications and so on. You can also change your password here too.

To change your profile, hover over your name at the top right of the screen and click on “Edit Profile”

Find your friends

One of the powerful new features allows you to interact with “friends”. Click on the “Members” page in the menu to see a listing of all activated users where you can add people as your friends or search to find people you know.


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