Adding Content to this site

If you want to be able to add your own content to this site, we can arrange that for those people who wish to do so.
Please e-mail and ask to be made an Author for the web site.

Once we have done this, you will then be able to create new “Posts” when you are logged-in to the site.

The process is pretty easy to follow but when creating a post, please make sure you do the following to help maintain great consistency across the content for the site:

  1. The site works on “Featured Images” so please ensure you add a featured image to your post. To look right, ensure your image is appropriate and is sized at 800 pixels wide by 445 pixels tall
  2. Ensure you tick the appropriate categories so your post appears in the correct feeds.
  3. You can also specify an expiry date and time for your post so it disappears when it is no longer relevant.

If you’re struggling with any of this, e-mail and we can assist.

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