Mountain Adventure Challenge

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Friday 6th – Sunday 8th April 2018

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The Mountain Adventure Challenge is a weekend Mountain Backpacking event in the Lake District for West Lancs Explorer Scouts, Scout Network and Leaders and takes place in early April.

The Event

Teams arrive at the event base on Friday evening.  After pitching their tents, teams are provided with Saturdays route in the form of grid references of a set of checkpoints from which they compile a detailed route card.  After a detailed kit inspection on Saturday morning, they then walk this route and camp at a rough campsite.  Here they spend the night and compile Sundays route from another set of grid references.  Sunday is spent walking the return leg back to the event centre.

Teams visit each checkpoint in turn and arrival times are recorded by checkpoint staff.  The checkpoint staff do not assist the teams but check that they are fit to continue.  A system of staff sweep teams is used to ensure all teams are safe.  Staff are made up of mountain authorised and qualified leaders, including holders of the Summer Mountain Leader Award.

The classes

There are three classes:

  • Bronze is the same as the silver class except that the strength and stamina requirements are reduced as the bulk of the heavier overnight gear will be transported to the overnight camp.

Please note this class still requires mountain skills and experience and so is beyond DofE bronze.

  • Silver pitched at Platinum/Diamond and Bronze/Silver award levels and targeted at Explorer Scouts.
  • Gold pitched at Queens Scout Award and Gold DofE award levels and targeted at Network.

Fit and competent explorers can participate in the Gold route for a greater challenge.  Novice Network members can participate in the Silver route in order to build experience.

Points Allocation

Teams are marked on:

  • Route planning,
  • Route completion,
  • Timings,
  • Equipment,
  • Speed,
  • Campcraft,
  • Menu,
  • Emergency procedures.

The winner of each course will be the team with the most points.

There will be a trophy for the winning team  in the Silver and Gold classes.  Only explorer Scout teams are eligible for the Silver trophy.


Teams will be of 4, 5 or 6.

Teams with any members over 18 will be classed as Network.

Minor team changes on the day will be allowed provided that all required personal details are provided.

Explorer Scout teams will need to be approved by their DESCOM.  It is expected that most Explorer teams will be made up from home units, however district teams are encouraged where that enables people to take part.

Team standards and experience.

This event is meant for all 14 to 25 year olds, provided that they have sufficient experience to be able to Lightweight camp, Walk in the mountains, Look after themselves in the mountains and Navigate.

Teams who demonstrate their competence by completing the Silver or Gold routes are considered as having met the requirements of the Chiefs Scouts Platinum Award Expedition, provided they complete a review with their appropriate Leader.

Leader Teams.

Leader teams are welcome on a non competitive basis for those who wish to develop their skills.

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