Inclusion Team


AMJAD PATEL               Muslim faith + Refugee integration.

  • Able to co-ordinate between Scouts and the Syrian Families Resettlement Programme—using Scouting as a means of integrating refugees into our society
  • Advise on Muslim Faith—-e.g. issues regarding Halal diets, prayer regimes
  • Organise visits to the Mosque in Fulwood
  • Visit groups and speak about the Muslim faith

SARA TAX                   Jewish Faith

  • Discuss Judaism – both Orthodox and Reform
  • Advise on Jewish Faith—–e.g. issues regarding Diet and prayer regimes
  • Organise visits to the Jewish Reform synagogue in Blackpool
  • Visit groups and speak about the Jewish Faith

JOHN CONNOLLY          LGBT advise

  • Advise about LGBT integration to both Young People and Leaders
  • Talk to young people or leaders who are distressed or struggling with any issues relating to LGBT

SALLY COVENTRY        Transgender and transition adviser

EMMA CUNNINGHAM     Special Needs/learning and physical disabilities

  • Children with Autism
  • Limited mobility
  • Diabetes

BILLY DUNCAN             Learning disabilities/Mental Health

  • ADHD
  • Autism
  • Mental Health

BILLY DUNCAN            ‘Looked after ’children


All these leaders are happy to discuss problems, give a listening ear and help with planning total inclusion in your Scout Groups. Visits can be arranged if necessary. They have volunteered to use their expertise to help in integrating all young people and adults into our Scouting movement, helping us to provide Diversity at all levels. Please do not hesitate to email them with any queries and concerns you may have.

They are all warranted leaders in our Association.

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